Our Story
Since established in 2013, mobile advertising has always been the core of our company. We offer our valuable clients the best solution on engaging their customers with Mobile Advertising and in the end building many success stories by providing solution that answer directly to our clients need.
Located in Jakarta, our team are full of people with years of experience in digital marketing, IT, telecommunication, and creative industry who are also up to date with the latest trends.
Whatever your business is, retail, small scale business, or even corporate, we will always put quality in every outcome and give measurable results for you to achieve your marketing goals.
Our Network
To give our best on developing the software of your needs, we are affiliating with PT Exel Sistem Solusindo a software house company that consist of young and energetic team. With years of experiences in IT, we have all the expertise that you need:
  • Web & front development
  • UI and UX, PHP
  • Java and Frameworks
  • Core, Mediation & Business Logic
  • Database experience
  • Big Data Processing and Analytics
  • Mobile Application Development for Android and iOS
We are happy to help you build your success story by giving you the best IT and software solutions.
MIC is a channel dedicated for music video 24 hours non-stop. Since 2016, MIC is former of Klik Music has broadcasted via Digital Satellite and now can be accessed all over Indonesia by using Digital Receiver DVB-S with at least 60cm sized parabolic reflector. The channel can be accessed by configuring to Measat 3A for KU Band and Palapa for C-Band using K-Vision as Satellite TV Provider.
Our partnership with MIC includes interesting packages for your commercial placements which includes TVC, super-impose, build in, running text and many more.
“One Stop Solution for Your Mobile Advertising Needs”
We provide mobile services to meet your marketing goals by giving the best solutions that’s right for your needs. With our expert in customer profiling, we’ll make sure to reach the right target and provide the data you need to create market segmentation.
Mediacartz is a web that helps clients who want to manage their own USSD, SMS and MMS campaign by providing Tool Management System Dashboard. The client can directly set their own target based on their needs such as location, public area, age, gender or even ARPU. Then they can simply start to manage the campaign anytime anywhere. This user-friendly tool can also provide you with the report on real time.
Easy User Experience
User friendly dashboard and user Interface that can be accessed and operated anytime, anywhere.
Targeted & Audience
Broadcast your mobile advertising to a specific market by using Location Base Advertising (LBA). You only need to set the location (city) and the demography such as age, gender, ARPU, device type and brand.
Channel delivery Advertising
Providing broadcast channel for SMS, USSD and MMS that can reach all over Indonesia
Open API
Open API gives you ease on regulating the content of the mobile ad so that it will be sent to the targeted market real time.
Providing report for the client who wants to monitor and analyze their campaign. Giving realtime report from the API connection, the error response on each message delivery is provided along with the error message description.
APPLICATION AND SYSTEM AGGREGATOR “One Stop Solution for Your Mobile Advertising Needs”
We truly understand that finding the right solution that meets your needs is not an easy process. We also understand the need to be flexible and also agile on doing such projects. We always keep up with the latest digital trends, making us able to create up to date applications of your needs. With our expert team member, we assure you that we will give you our best solution in for of IT or even Telco.
With years of expertise in software development technology, our developer will help you to give the best solution on developing your applications. Whether it’s a small scale or a large scale application, our team will use all of their technology resources on making your apps to be an IT grade or even Telco grade
Experience in multiplatform, interface/ protocol interoperability
To make sure that your application can run in any device, our team will integrate big platforms that makes your apps can run in any platform exist in the digital world. This means your apps can reach more market and can be used by as much user as possible.
User Experience as Standard
Whether your solution is being deployed to end-users, staff in the field or in a back-end system, our user experience experts sit with developers to make sure using your software is a seamless and frictionless experience. For customer-facing journeys, our experienced developers will make sure your system functions properly on all modern device configurations and screen sizes.
Database Design & Big Data Processing
Data is a very important thing for a company to deploy their system. Therefore we will guard is as if it was our own. The data safety, wholeness and fast process is our main expertise.
Manage Operation
We provide Manage Operation system in order to make sure that our client’s system is running the way it expected to be. Alll of our resources will also give support to our client 7x24 hours non-stop.
RETAIL & WHOLE SALE MOBILE ADVERTISING “The integrated solutions for your Mobile Advertising Needs”
We provide you a faster and integrated solution on managing your mobile advertisement. Our expert in customer profiling, will make sure to help you reach the right target and provide the data you need to create market segmentation. While our integrated management system will give you a faster solution on managing your mobile advertisement.
Our system is connected directly to Telco provider core system and also 3rd party system such as payment gateway, system profile and entity Location Base System, making us more efficient in terms of cost and also giving you faster procedure on managing your mobile campaign.
Adaptive platform
Our product is flexible and can be implemented on Telco Operator that have SMS, MMS and USSD delivery platform. We also adjust our solution to the client’s need whether it’s a retail or wholesale.
Customized Module
We have a very independent module that can also be customized according to the client or Telco backend condition.
UI base with Bootstrap
We understand the need of being fast, that’s why we provide you with the ease of bootstrap technology. This system is suitable to be applied for the client who wants to apply update for their ads in a real time.
Reliable dan Robust
What’s the use of facing a high traffic if the system can easily down. That’s why we always ensure our system strength and stability so that it will able to face any kind of traffic without afraid of the system going down.
Monitoring System
All user, system activities are monitored to ensure performance safely works
TV CREATIVE ADS & WEB SERIES PROD HOUSE “Producing creative ideas to life”
Great ideas can do great things once it’s well executed. Therefore our in-house production team will help you on producing your creative ideas from the very beginning until it is ready to be placed on the media of your choice. Supported by experienced design and creative team along, we will assist you on developing your Ad. Whether it’s a regular TVC or even web series, we always ensure quality on every production.
Our affiliated TV channel can help you on giving its best packages for your placements
Story Telling Design
A great story will help to deliver your message to the customer. That’s why or creative team will assist you from the very beginning to make sure that you will have the best idea to be executed on your ad. Whether it’s a regular TV Ad or Web Series, we will give our best to execute it for you.
Talents and Scene
We will provide you with the best talent and shooting locations that can deliver your story and best suit for the TV ad.
Speed and quality always matters in every video production. That’s why we always pay attention on each detail in every production from the very beginning until it’s ready to be released. By using the best equipment along with the support of the newest film editing software, we will ensure to deliver the best on each of our project.
Blibli Fun Festival is a mix of music, art and market festival created to make a different kind of festival. The festival was held by one of the largest e-commerce in Indonesia, Blibli.com.
The Brief
To promote Blibli Fun Festival while offering cheaper ticket price using broadcast message (SMS).
The Work
The SMS was targeted for Telkomsel subscriber in Jakarta (youth).
Broadcast target was distributed around all Jakarta Area with total 500 subscribers.
Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 EDGE Big Launch
Samsung is known as one of the best smartphone brand in the world. In 2015, Samsung is ready to release its newest smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 EDGE. To create the hype, Samsung create an event that offer the customer to trade in their old smartphone with Galaxy S7.
The Brief
To attract the market on having the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge by offering them bonus if they pre order using the link attached in the USSD message.
The Work
The SMS was targeted for Telkomsel subscriber in Indonesia.
The broadcast target was distributed in all over Jakarta area with total about 700,000 subscribers.
Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 EDGE Big Launch
As a well-known department store in the world and specially in Indonesia, Debenhams want to attract customer on buying their product (specifically baby and kids toys) by doing clearance sale for 5 days.
The Brief
Raise awareness and also attract people to come to the clearance sale by broadcasting USSD message.
The Work
The SMS was targeted to mothers that using Telkomsel as their provider in the Jakarta area.
The USSD broadcast message was the distributed all over Jakarta with total 100 subscribers.
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